Monday, 24 December 2012

Since last week, capital is in rage with a brutal rape of an innocent girl. She was raped in a running bus by six men and was thrown nude in the middle of the raod. She may not survive but has aggrevated a national debate regarding ammendment of laws related to rape. Women organizations are shouting to get speedy trial of this case and also forcing a need of more stringent laws to avoid such crimes against women. There is a strong pressure on goverment to convict those rapists in a month time and nobody is denying the fact that punishments for such criminals should be a lesson for future rapists. As expected this movement is equally shouldered by men population and they also seem to be suggesting goverment to curb the crime against women.
Its so overwhelming to see that a single girl seem to have united all genders, castes and languages making goverment to introduce a new women helpline reaching directly to Delhi CM, a strong directive to Police to register every complaint by any woman without any hesitation or investigation, in a week time.
Fine! But please observe below facts: 
  • Every year thousands of men are being trapped in false rape cases. It has been observed that a big %age of rape cases turn out to be false as being filed out of revenge, failed relation or to extort money. 
  • Supreme Court, in several citations, has termed 498a as legal terrorism. 100000 cases of 498a (dowry) are being filed every year in India out of which 98% turned out to be false. In every dowry case, wife side falsely implicate husband's elderly parents, distant relatives and sisters turning into a false arrests of innocent people.
  • As per NCRB, every year 62000 married men are committing suicide as compared to some 30,000 married women.
  • Every year govt.has to spend 45,000 crore rupees to settle these domestic matters which could been used to feed the needy.
  • Even name calling and doubting wife's character comes under domestic violence leading to thousands of DV cases being filed every year on such petty issues.
  • There are many more laws on table (i.e. salary_to_wife, IrBM (50% property to wife), sexual assault at workplace) which will destroy indian families in coming time.
When life is equally precious to both the genders then why only women need protection under law ? Why can't they make gender neutral laws? Why can't adultry be filed on wife? Why can't a wife be  guilty of domestic violence? Why can't a wife be convicted under 498a for mental cruelty?

The way men are supporting such movements to curb crime against women, can we expect women to support men cause? No !
Has one ever seen a woman organization reasoning out a suicide of married man on national TV, standing against a false arrest of husband under 498a/DV? No!
Since years, such draconian, gender-biased laws are destroying several males socially and professionally and forcing them to commit suicide but the male community, being virtually strong, never cared to stand against it the way it is standing for this girl.
A man still has yet not learned to cry and go out with his agonies and shout for his rights.
With this blog, I want to request every man to understand the need of an hour and stand against misuse of law, against legal terrorism, for men rights,  for you own mothers and sisters.